6amMart - Multivendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery app with Admin & Website

6amMart - Multivendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery app with Admin & Website

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6amMart is a complete Multi-vendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy, or any kind of products delivery system developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. 6amMart’s Powerful admin panel will help you to control your business smartly.


- Please register a Customer from the user app and create a Delivery Man credential yourself from the admin panel for a better experience, One more thing, the demo database will reset 3 hours intervals.

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6amMart comprises of 3 Mobile Applications, 2 Web Panel, and 1 website –

  • Customer application for Android, iOS, and web developed using Flutter.
  • Delivery Boy application for Android developed using Flutter (Need to purchase separately).
  • Store application for both Android and iOS developed using Flutter (Need to purchase separately).
  • Super Admin web panel developed using Laravel (admin can provide role-based access).
  • Store web panel developed using Laravel (owner can provide role-based access).

Order Flow (Happy Path)

  • The customer places an order from a store (can’t place an order from multiple stores at a time)
  • The delivery boys get that order in the order request section and accept it for delivery.
  • After the delivery man’s confirmation (If turn on the delivery confirmation model), the store owner gets the order on their dashboard and starts processing or cooking, and handover the items to the delivery boy.
  • If the order is digitally paid the order will directly go into the confirmed status and the store gets the order on their dashboard (will not depend on the delivery boy’s confirmation).
  • If the admin turn on the store’s confirmation model then for both case no need the delivery man’s confirmation but after stores, confirmation delivery men will get the order for acceptance. 
  • The Delivery Guy accepts the order, confirms the order (if COD), picks up the order, and delivers the order to the Customer.
  • If self-pickup orders, the stores will manage all the steps.
  • For schedule orders, all the operations will start before 15 minutes of scheduled delivery time.

Top Features:

  • Draw accurate coverage area on the map: In the admin panel, you can manage multiple zones for your business coverage area. The map drawing tool will help you to draw your coverage accurately. Stores can be added to these zones. Only the users who are in coverage can order.
  • System Modules: 6amMart is designed for all types of delivery but we categorize it as a system module. 
  • Multiple Stores: 6amMart is a multi-vendor-supported system. So you can add an unlimited number of stores and manage those from the admin panel easily.
  • SMS OTP integrated: 6amMart comes with a bunch of integrated SMS Gateways. All of them are popular and you can verify your users in a smarter way.
  • Item Management: You can control the whole Item section by managing categories and subcategories, Attributes, Addons, Units, and more. You can add items to any store. And the Stores panel also will get an item management feature.
  • Advanced Order Management: 6amMart item order management feature will help the admin and the store manager to manage every order very efficiently.
  • Dispatch Management: Dispatch Management will help you to identify quickly which orders are ongoing and which orders are waiting for a delivery man.
  • Delivery Men Apps: You can create an unlimited number of delivery men and by Delivery men apps they can easily accept an order, deliver an order and earn money. You can set Freelancer delivery man option or Salaried delivery man option from the admin panel.
  • Manual assign delivery man: 6amMart admin panel will provide you another important feature for your business. You can directly assign an available delivery man in order.
  • Marketing Section: 6amMart Admin will provide you with a very rich admin panel where you can control all the major things for marketing. Campaigns, banners, Coupons and Push notifications features will help you to grow your business very fast.
  • Accounts section: You can view stores and delivery men’s earnings, process withdrawals, collect cash manually and have lots of staff. 
  • Reporting and Statistics: Full of statistics and reporting will help you identify your business cash flow and all the financial conditions. In the dashboard, You will get very rich statistical data and you can explore those by zone and time.
  • Employee Section: 6amMart Admin and Store panel both have employee sections. Where you can create a new employee role and access your employee to your 6amMart portal easily.
  • Business Setting: Business Settings will help you to set up your business as you wish. You will get lots of configurations to make your business unique.
  • Complete Featured User App and Web: You will get the 6amMart mobile app and web source code with this bundle. We developed this by flutter so the app can be usable by both android and iOS.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: 6amMart comes with a bunch of integrated payment gateway. All of them are popular and you can start your business immediately.

Change Log-

Version 2.1 17 March 2023
- Apple login for iOS
- Landing page compatible with RTL and multi-language
- Delivery man vehicle types with minimum and maximum delivery coverage with extra delivery charges.
- Zone-Module Maximum delivery charge
- Customer-wise and store-wise coupons
- Coupon discounted amount is managed by the coupon creator and shown in the expense list
- Proper management of expense reports and added product discounts in the expense list
- Order cancellation reason for admin, store, delivery man, and customer
- Required admin approval for joining the basic campaign
- Managed force updates for delivery man and store app
- Digital payment order status manage
- Improved referral and earn, after the first order is successfully delivered refer amount will be added
- Managed OTP hit count and block for some minutes
- Store panel compatible with multi-language
- Recommended items on the store page
- Fixed some issues
- Compatible with flutter version 3.7.7
Version 2.0 13 February 2023
- Complete reorganized admin panel with module-wise business operation
- Admin panel compatible with RTL and multi-language
- Tax included/excluded option
- Fixed some issues in the admin panel, user app, and web
Version 1.8 22 January 2023
- New food variation system only for the food module
- New reporting with details data
- Search improved by search tag in the product add
- Module-wise notification messages setup
- Order directly by prescription upload in the pharmacy module based on store permission
- Zone-wise maximum order amount for COD orders
- Made compatible the vendor app for employee role-wise access
- Fixed some small issues
Version 1.7.1 13 December 2022
- Fixed parcel order delivery men earning related issues
- Store-wise item search issues fixed
- Fixed some pages export issues
- Social login issue fixed
- Recaptcha and zone-wise module filter issue fixed in the registration page
- Wallet and digital payment canceled order issue fixed 
- Nearby stores issue fixed
- Chatting issues fixed
- Fixed some notification issues
- Fixed some other small issues
Version 1.7 22 November 2022
- Zone wise module setup
- Zone and module wise delivery charge setup
- Zone wise payment method setup
- Refund option improvement with wallet management
- Parcel category wise delivery charge setup
- Complete redesigned landing page with new features
- Social media login(Google & Facebook)
- Store wise complete reporting (Summary, sales, and order)
- Expenses for free delivery management in the admin
- Proper route name
- Show stores based on distance
- Commission setup on delivery charge
- Delivery commission earning statistics in the dashboard
- Cancellation, refund and shipping policy page setup with on/off option
- Changed delivery charge calculation in store panel and app
- Fixed some small issues
- Make the app compatible with flutter version 3.3.8
Important note: You need to setup the zone with module availability after this update otherwise you will not get any data in user app. 
Version 1.6.1 16 October 2022
- Fixed some issues in the admin and store panel. 
- No changes in apps
Version 1.6 29 September 2022
- Complete redesigned and reorganized admin and store panel
- Live chatting with Customer to admin, Customer to the store, customer to delivery man, delivery man to the store
- Complete rearranged POS for both admin and store
- Cart bottom view for store and search page
- Auto refresh in order details page
- Ongoing order view on app home page
- Fixed small issues
- Query optimized
- Compatible with flutter 3.3.2
Version 1.5.1 11 August 2022
- Fixed issues
- Performance improved
- Compatible with flutter 3.0.5
Version 1.5 06 July 2022
- Customer Wallet managed by the admin
- Customer Loyalty point for orders managed by the admin
- Refer and Earn for customer
- Delivery man tip
- Fixed some other issues
- Performance improved
Version 1.4.2 21 June 2022
- User account self-delete option in app
- Fixed some other known issues
Version 1.4.1 31 May 2022
 - POS for admin
- Test Data delete option
- Module category for all zone (The stores of that module can serve orders in all zone)
- Provide all zones data based on delivery location (If there are multiple zones overlapped in a location)
- New Product details page for user app and web
- Reporting for stock management 
- Update Address details ( additional fields like road, house, floor )
- Improvement in the parcel checkout page
- Fixed some other small issues. 
- Performance improved
- Compatible with flutter 3.0
Version 1.3 12 May 2022
 - Fixed iOS browser login issue
- Fixed Payment gateway redirection issue
- Update payment gateway SDKs
- Fixed Category page store to item switch issue
- Fixed some other known issues.
- Added SMTP setup test by sending a test mail
Version 1.2 –27 April 2022
 - New design for web app landing page
- Improved landing page design for admin panel
- Mail for customer registration, order place, self-registration for restaurant and delivery man
- Social media URL
- Mail subscription option for collecting mail address
- Added search in the store page
- Multi theme for user app home page - module wise (Upcoming more theme)
- Footer for the web app with other UI changes
- Fixed some other small known issues. 
- Performance improved.
- Fixed maintenance mode problem in the admin panel
- Fixed digitally paid order mail in the admin panel
Note: If you face any login-related problem in the user app after the update, please delete the vendor folder from your server and then again update the admin panel. The update process will create the vendor folder again. 
Version 1.1 – 3rd April 2022
- Fixed some small issues.
- Performance improved.
Version 1.0 – 25 March 2022
- Initial Release.

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