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Choose from over 1,400 WooCommerce plugins. Explore items created by our global community of independent developers, confident they're hand-reviewed by us.

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WordPress + WooCommerce + plugins = Win

WordPress started out as a small blogging platform, but is now a worldwide-known, very powerful content management system that, as W3Techs reports, powers 59% of the web. Yes, 59%-that's huge! But there's a few good reasons why it's become so popular. It's open source, extensible, and used by individuals and large brands, alike.

Before jumping into selling products online, how do you know if you even need to use a piece of software like WordPress? You obviously need to look at your specific needs and preferences, but here are a few reasons that make WordPress such a popular solution for many people and different businesses all over the globe:

  • Given that it supports so much of the web, there's a plethora of solutions built on top of it and developers available for it.
  • It provides a user interface that makes it easy to manage the content on your site (regardless of if it's a blog or a website).
  • If you're looking for an application that's widely supported by many, many web hosts, then WordPress is a solid solution.

So why not build a store using WordPress? That's where WooCommerce comes into play. WooCommerce powers over 39% of all online stores and is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress.

Just like WordPress itself, WooCommerce is open source, extensible, and widely used. It allows you to have a variety of products available for sale-both physical and digital-and allows you to take different forms of payment. Furthermore, it's built with store owners and developers in mind.

But not all online stores are alike, are they? You're not going to be selling the same thing as someone else, or perhaps not in the same way. Enter WooCommerce plugins! These software packages are built on top of WooCommerce to introduce functionality into the core software. Consider them as extensions to your e-commerce platform that will allow you to do a lot more with your store.

But what do we mean when we say "a lot more"? Here are just a few great features that WooCommerce plugins allow you to add to your site:

  • Offer group deals,
  • Give discounts for purchases funneled through Facebook,
  • Generate auto-responders for purchases,
  • Add 2D product views of your inventor,
  • Offer shipment tracking.

And this doesn't even scratch the surface of what's available. If all of the above are not enough for you, don't worry-there's a lot more.

All of these WooCommerce plugins and more are available in our collection. They increase the feature-set of the already rich foundation WooCommerce provides, making it incredibly easy to sell your goods as well as offer even more functionality than what ships out-of-the-box.

Ultimately, this means that when you combine WooCommerce and its plugins with WordPress, you have nearly endless possibilities when it comes to running your own store, selling your own goods, managing your own inventory, and interacting with your customers. There's almost no scenario that can't be achieved through this software!